About Us

Who We Are

Proud African Roots Limited is an African Children’s creative arts company in Nigeria, which began in 2005.
We are a pacesetter and flag bearer for African arts education for children in Nigeria and the Diaspora. We are here to create a national frame work for the purpose of the ‘New Nigeria’ dream. We take each child on a journey of self discovery, development and expression of their individual talents and skills.
We use the African traditional Arts and cultural values to identify and develop talents for the purpose of sustaining and preserving the African heritage for children in Africa and the Diaspora. All of this to give every future creatively inclined talent a voice.

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What We Do

  • Children’s Publishing
  • Opera Audio books
  • Classic Musical Movies
  • 3D/2D Animation movies
  • Radio Drama
  • Summer school activities
  • Theatre productions
  • Creative Arts Institution
  • Production Studio
  • Grandma Wura
  • Consulting
  • Children Art Workshops
  • School Storytelling Tours
  • Children’s Clothing line
  • Back To My Roots TV Show
  • Content Provision