About Us

Our Concept

We use the ancient African art of storytelling, fun and entertainment in inculcating positive values in children and teenagers for the purpose of nation building. These stories are further re-enacted into stage drama, radio drama, Musical Dance Theater, audio books, illustrated story books and animation movies. Our stories are original, significant and relevant to today’s modern world; as well as didactic in order to educate, correct and instruct while entertaining.
Proud African roots through the research and expository method of teaching, exposes children and teenagers to the various aspects and processes of production through training as actors, voice actors, writers, dancers, crew members, directors and so on. This, to us at Proud African roots is the process of the discovery and development of a child star on a global platform.
We always strive for excellence and maintain international standards on all our products for children in Africa as well as children in other parts of the world who love Africa. Our contents are highly entertaining and can also be enjoyed by parents who love being a part of their children’s world; or other adults who by profession supervise children or teenagers.
We maintain world class professionalism. Our vision stems from the need to sustain and preserve the African heritage by passing it on from generation to the generation, through fun and entertainment as we introduce Africa, starting from Nigeria.