The Preserving Africa Project

The present need for African children to become more aware of their African heritage is on the increase. This is why Proud African roots, acts as a carrier and a preserver of the African heritage.
Proud African Roots is an African children’s theatre company based in Nigeria. Our products and services are specifically designed to teach and inform children as well as teenagers through various art forms of entertainment about Africa while grooming them as the future new Nigeria.
We adopt the ancient storytelling technique to inculcate good African moral values and tradition. These stories are then further enacted into various genres.
Our children and teenagers are involved in the process of production and final production either as performers or production crew members for a more practical experience.
Our products are of high international quality standard for African children and teenagers in Diaspora as well as children from other parts of the world. We also offer adult friendly products.
As a children’s content provider our concepts are specially tailored to meet the needs of today’s child and teenager.
Our vision is to give every talent a voice, while introducing them to Africa, starting from Nigeria.

Back To My Roots

The “Back to My Roots” initiative is host driven by Grandma Wura and comprises of nine categories that strategically spread their tentacles to the various media platforms that project our partners’ brands.
Back to My Roots is designed to drive focus back to the children; the key to a successful economy, happy homes and eventually a great nation as it directly involves society in a mentoring process thus creating a rich value deposit system for children to learn from. Several celebrities, professionals, parents as well as schools have shown immense enthusiasm about being a part.
This initiative does not only cater to children in Africa, but also offers African children in the Diaspora and other children from various parts of the world, the unique opportunity to connect with Africa no matter how far apart they are.

Back to My Roots Proposal Slide

Grandma Wura

The Back to My Roots project is host driven by Grandma Wura; a highly creative, culture loving and riveting Nigerian senior citizen who has dedicated her life to raising a new generation of leaders through storytelling. She instills positive African values in innovative ways that motivate children and teenagers towards their dreams and responsibilities.

Assembly Time with Grandma Wura

Assembly Time with Grandma Wura” has taken off for 100 school visitations. It’s been such an exciting time for schools and for us here at Prod African Roots. Look out for more exciting news on our school tours.

Assembly Time With Grandma Wura is a “Back to My Roots” Initiative which is geared towards raising a new generation of leaders that are equipped with the right values for leadership using African storytelling and music as an educational tool. This initiative involves and encourages society to be a part by sponsoring a school visit through gifts, books and so on.

Ringtone / Caller Back Tune Downloads

The Back to My Roots Initiative campaign also uses the various telecommunication networks as mediums in effectively disseminating value messages to both children, families, schools, and society at large.
To download e.g.“A CALL TO SERVE” by GRANDMA WURA
On Etisalat SMS download7052469 to 251.
On Airtel SMS Buy 0292366 to 791. On MTN SMS tunecode to 4100.

RBT Codes - Grandma Wura